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Why I love Jesus

Before I became a Christian, the only thing I knew that I had in common with Jesus was the fact that we were both of Jewish origin.  As far back as I can remember, was the fact that I always deeply loved (Yahweh-God) the one and only God.  Yet I had an over-powering desire to know Jesus.

One day, as I was meditating with God (our Father), I asked him if I would be guilty of blasphemy by wanting to know Jesus and have him as my Savior.

My Jewish relatives, friends, and ancestors did not believe that Jesus was the Messiah, and that he had not appeared to us as yet.  I did not get a definite answer from God, but I took it to mean that his silence was telling me to follow my heart’s desire.  Soon afterward, my now deceased friend Maesel, and her daughter, Carol, started taking and bringing me to “Freedom in Christ Baptist Church“ in Middlesex, NJ.  After attending the church for a while, I became a Christian and our Pastor baptized me.

This wonderful eternal relationship I have with Jesus has changed my whole life.  I still hold on to my Jewish heritage somewhat, but I love and am very proud to say “I’m a Christian,” and I hold dearly the love I treasure having God and Jesus in my life.  I know Jesus died for me and other sinners, and I’ll never forsake him!

I also know the “Day of Salvation” is near, and I’ll spend eternity with him.  Who could ask for anything more???

What does being baptized mean to me?

(Originally posted March 24, 2010)

To answer this question I have to acknowledge that in addition to becoming a Baptist, I am now a Christian.

Therefore I had to first answer the question of “How does being a Christian and having Jesus in my life affect me?” I am already affected by Jesus is my answer. I know Jesus shed his blood and died on a cross in Calvary for me. Why? So I can live as a free spirit – free meaning without sin.

Jesus also gives me the promise of “Eternal Life,” where I can live in the “Holy Kingdom of God” – forever and ever! Jesus helps me take God’s commandments seriously and to practice them faithfully. I know he wants me to be happy and content in living a beautiful Christian life. Jesus gives me his all! I adore him for many reasons, especially for bringing me closer to God! He helped me to recognize and accept the “Holy Spirit!”

Being a Christian and having Jesus in my life is what I have longed for and yearned for, for many years. Since accepting Christ as my Messiah and Savior, I feel abundantly happy and fulfilled. So therefore, being a Christian and now, today, being Baptist makes me feel very blessed. I’m in a whole new picture.

Now to answer the question of what does being Baptist mean to me? I now have the opportunity of being dedicated to the church and all its inhabitants, in this case, my sisters and brothers in Christ, whom I have come to love and care about.

Freedom in Christ Baptist Church is my home! It’s where I belong! It’s where I’m meant to be! It’s where I pledge my love, loyalty and devotion to God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit! I’m living there! I’m whole there! I’m me there! And…It’s what being Baptist will mean to me for the future!

Well, today I am seeing my dream come true. This baptism will mean a whole new life for me. The church helped bring Christ into my life. They’ve given me all the ways and means of being a true Christian and a good Baptist. They’ve accomplished these things through Bible study, Sunday worship, and just being there for me.

Even now as I’m writing this testimonial, I feel as if I’ve already been re-born, which I know is what this baptism is all about! I’m very lucky! God has given me the privilege of being a Christian, a Baptist and a Jew. Hallelujah, I’m three times blessed.

So look out world – Here I come!