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Why I love Jesus

Before I became a Christian, the only thing I knew that I had in common with Jesus was the fact that we were both of Jewish origin.  As far back as I can remember, was the fact that I always deeply loved (Yahweh-God) the one and only God.  Yet I had an over-powering desire to know Jesus.

One day, as I was meditating with God (our Father), I asked him if I would be guilty of blasphemy by wanting to know Jesus and have him as my Savior.

My Jewish relatives, friends, and ancestors did not believe that Jesus was the Messiah, and that he had not appeared to us as yet.  I did not get a definite answer from God, but I took it to mean that his silence was telling me to follow my heart’s desire.  Soon afterward, my now deceased friend Maesel, and her daughter, Carol, started taking and bringing me to “Freedom in Christ Baptist Church“ in Middlesex, NJ.  After attending the church for a while, I became a Christian and our Pastor baptized me.

This wonderful eternal relationship I have with Jesus has changed my whole life.  I still hold on to my Jewish heritage somewhat, but I love and am very proud to say “I’m a Christian,” and I hold dearly the love I treasure having God and Jesus in my life.  I know Jesus died for me and other sinners, and I’ll never forsake him!

I also know the “Day of Salvation” is near, and I’ll spend eternity with him.  Who could ask for anything more???


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